Lori Cobra Victor

HOT  YOGA : A 60-75 minute routine is practiced in a 37-38 degree heated room with high quality infrared panels. The heated room helps you to stretch more and get your cardio, but it also helps you Sweat! Detoxifying for your muscles, organs, and glands.

ANUSARA YOGA: Is a hatha yoga system that unifies Universal Principles of Alignment with the philosophy that is optimised with a deep opening of the body, mind & heart. Anusara empowers you to skillfully align your inner body and outer body to fully awaken to your highest potential.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA FUSION: These classes are grounded in therapeutic movement and will always challenge you to explore your full potential, uplifting and creative they invite us into a flowing celebration of our bodies and an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. Great for Vinyasa Yoga lovers.

Hot Yoga ClassesGENTLE YOGA: For students wanting a more easeful practice for the day this gentle yoga will be a ‘potpourri’ class allowing you to breath, move and take it a bit more gentle.

RESTORATIVE YOGA:  This class is an opportunity for all levels to develop a deeper understanding of the postures and the alignment using props.  A more static practice that is not so intimidating for the ‘novice’ practitioner and  suitable for those wanting a practice for a more Iyengar Hatha Yoga approach.

Our Classes

ASHTANGA – VINYASA  YOGA WITH THOMAS: This  class challenges students to “Burn Bright”. They are predominantly based on the Ashtanga system but the practice is laced with modern approaches to yoga such as Anusara the ‘Rocket’ style. The classes link asanas with breath to create a strong physical practice that is designed to build balance, heat, flexibility and concentration.

STRALA YOGA:  is a movement system that helps people drop stress from their bodies and minds, unlocking each person’s limitless potential to be radiantly healthy, fit and happy.  The Yoga postures, rather than being  “held” statically for long, instead flow together in a soft relaxed & controlled style and are carried along by the natural flow of breath similar to a Thai chi experience. It’s like watching yoga “underwater”!  This movement, this breath body mind connection is designed to stimulate the body’s
warrior-3relaxation response, stimulating feelings of

immense well-being and joy.  As the flow becomes more challenging the same focus on moving steadily with the breath is observed and we learn to move through postures that seemed difficult before, become more easeful. What happens in a Strala yoga class is that you will be guided through a continuous flow of simple and challenging postures lead by the breath and you will never need to push force or strain. You will be asked to stay easy in your body the whole time & work within your own comfort zone. Join Margaret Holland on a new experience in her hot yoga classes using this method and a non-hot yoga class on Wednesdays.

HATHA YOGA GENTLEHatha Yoga with a Therapeutic Approach to the Spine. This class is a unique opportunity to influence awareness in your body through classical postures that in turn leads to real changes in life, such as the improvement of health, strength, energy and rejuvenation to the body helping to create real positive changes in your life. For ALL LEVELS. Classes held with Nina Mondays and Wednesdays at 19:00.


THERAPEUTIC/HATHA YOGA:   In this asana practice, the use of ‘Iyengar Ropes & Chairs and more props to open and support different parts of the body.  Students become more aware of their own asymmetries and can more easily attain proper alignment. Performing “asanas” with the assistance of all these yoga props, students are able to target specific areas of the body, strengthening and stretching as they progress, making it possible to attain poses that are difficult due to age, stiffness, injury or fear. Balance is improved along with flexibility and stamina. Students often experience asana on a deeper level because they are able to remain longer in the pose. Once students learn to take support of the props, they develop courage to pursue the asanas that once seemed impossible to them.

AERIAL YOGA:  Sometime life can weigh heavy on us,aero-maria we go to a yoga class to feel lighter in our mind and body. The aero yoga swing will literally make you feel lighter. Let the therapeutical aspects of the swing make you feel weightless while being in the air. Join this creative fun and challenging class to give you a feeling of freedom. Maria is a certified aero yoga teacher since 2014 by the National Aero Yoga Association (ANYA). For this class you don’t need any previous knowledge of Aerial Yoga, just the curiosity to explore your mind, body and emotions in a completely new way.

YOGA FUSION/MIX UP: These classes are a dynamic mix of many yoga traditions. Ariana likes to go with the flow & keep us on our toes each week by surprising us with an exciting mix of styles. Whether its holding postures for extended periods or drawing from Yin, Anusara, Vinyasa or Iyengar influences you will always be challenged and uplifted by these inspired sets!

YIN YOGAIs a quiet practice suitable for students of all levels of experience. Many of the poses are seated, supine or prone and are held with muscles relaxed for several minutes. The Yin parts of our body are the parts that lie closest to our core, specifically the bones and connective tissue. There is a focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension and letting go.

KIDS YOGA: In these classes Marie Angeles will work with a theme that links the whole class which will include postures as well as music and chanting of mantras, drawings, dance, mindfulness, massages, brain gym exercises, relaxation …. and above all a lot of joy, respect and love! Classes will be mainly in Spanish with a little English, making it a fabulous learning opportunity as well as a lot of fun! 

WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: Join us on our monthly Yoga ‘Asana’ Intensives and ’Living Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Movement Workshops, Kundalini and Energy Trainings & Retreats. Our idea and desire is to share with you not only the physical practice of Yoga but to offer an opportunity and a safe ‘space’ to immerse deeper into yourself and your spiritual journey. Enjoy a wonderful experience of yoga, meditation, the art of breathing/Pranayama, integrative nutrition, and wisdom. Retreat from daily activities, habits & behaviours to a sacred space allowing the body & mind to tune back into a natural rhythm of your being and the world.