Yoga and Nutrition workshop for hormonal health

with Susan Alexander

Date: Saturday July 29th
Time: 10:30 – 13:30 
Price: 35,-
Early Bird untill July 10th: 30,-


Yoga and nutrition workshop for hormonal health
Hormones are chemical messengers in our bodies that affect everything from reproduction, sexual function, growth and development to mood, and it is therefore very important that they are kept in balance.

In this workshop, you will first discover ways to do this through yoga, where Susan will take you through a hatha flow yoga sequence using the water element to stimulate the swadisthana chakra (sex chakra/ pelvis) and kidney and bladder meridians. This class will also include asanas specific to improving hormonal health. 

After a short break, Susan will then talk to you in more detail about how the hormones function in our bodies and then how to naturally balance them through nutrition and naturopathy.

Susan Alexander is an advanced yoga teacher with trainings in India in 2009 and 2016. Her initial training was in Hatha yoga with a deep foundation in yoga philosophy and the second training in creative sequencing using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda / the 5 elements. She now combines these trainings by teaching Hatha Flow with the 5 elements to bring focus to specific areas to the body, as well as pranayama and meditation. 

Spaces are limited so get in touch to reserve your spot:
639845185 or


Hormonal Balance& Woman´s Health after 45

with Dr. Anna Medvedeva

Date: Monday July 31st
Time: 16:00
Free admission

Hormonal health event pic

How many times did you experiment after your 40, that you start to have some memory loss, sleep disorders, weight gain, depression, headache, swings of mood, fatigue, dry skin and so on… sometimes it could be signes of perimenopause or hormonal imbalance in your body.

On the other hand do you know how to prevent the breast cancer after your 40th, specially if you have been taking a birth control pills previously?

Dr. Anna Medvedeva, MD will talk us about all this aspects and how to “survive” the menopause feeling your best!