Personal Testimonials

Alison Jones, Shiatsu Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor, England

Dear Lori, Your classes have been such an inspiration and a joy for me during my time in Marbella and I just want to say from my heart thank you. I’ve learnt and benefited so much from your teachings, from the meditations and especially from the yoga retreat last year which really shifted blockages that I did not realize I had in my heart and in my mind. I don’t think I would have been able to explore and embrace the love I’ve found with Edu if it hadn’t been for this experience. So I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for opening my heart, for inspiring me and for playing such an important role in my yoga journey.

Markus, Austria

Silvia knows how to conduct a mixed level class while challenging me to my best. She is an amazingly caring teacher who reconnected me to my passion and gave me confidence to push myself to do things I thought were impossible. Before you know you feel better than you thought possible! For the first time I have fallen in love with yoga.

Sandra, Spain

Silvia, I must thank you for teaching me your path of Yoga. Nothing better could have happened to me, the way you teach Yoga through Tantra, listening to the body and respecting it, feeling the energetic alignment, always smiling with the heart and at the end of the day not taking anything really too seriously. Your interpretation of Yoga is a gift!


“I do yoga with Lotta and that makes me get very energized and happy. Lotta always tells us what is going on so you understand and the peace and quiet means a lot.”

Peter Elgaard, Denmark

Marjan is a true profesional. She cured me of my back pain which I was then able again to cycle and make my normal sport with no pain which would have been impossible before the treatment. Marjan has helped me for many years and has treated my various injuries with great success. I am happy to recommend her and am grateful that I can count on her when I need her.

Claire McCormack

“I am completely enjoying Margaret’s hot yoga class, Margaret is a fantastic teacher, warm, caring & very informative. She gives clear Instruction and advice when teaching. I have seen a great difference in my flexibility since doing Hot Yoga, the heat enables me to move into the postures easier and I feel like I get a great workout doing what I love most”. Looking forward to experiencing more classes at Radiant Yoga. Namaste.

Susan and Giorgio Mariani, Yoga Practitioners and Spiritual Seekers, Marbella, Spain

Lori has been our yoga teacher for many years and through her encouragement and support has taught us to love and value our yoga practice. She is a truly inspirational teacher and a seeker of knowledge which she shares with all her students. Although in her classes we are encouraged to reach our own personal goals, we also have fun!

Katie Silcox, Named one of San Franciscoʼs Best Yoga Teachers under 30 by Common Ground Magazine. Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and senior teacher within the Para Yoga lineage.

Dear Lori, thank you for your unending pursuit of love and peace. I don’t know how I would have made it here if it weren’t for your classes to fill me with patience and hope. No matter where our paths may go, you will always be my first ‘teacher’.

Carmen Ornelas, Founder of the Yossum Concept, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher, Amsterdam, Holland

Lori is a very inspiring teacher.
I am grateful for all the classes she has given me as well as many years of facilitating retreats in Spain and India together. Lori’s clear commitment and loyalty to yoga is very touching. She delivers her teaching in a personal and enthusiastic way, making it easy to befriend this beautiful and powerful ancient practice.

Kelly High Heels, Awesome D.J. and Spiritual Seeker, England

I first met Lori in the summer of 2011 when I was introduced to her yoga class with her in Marbella. I came away from one of the best yoga practices to date and felt totally inspired. I have practiced yoga all over the world, but I am truly yet to find another teacher like Lori. Her passion and experience has helped me grow my practice. She is an excellent teacher and a truly beautiful person inside and out.

Tina Toft, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Educator, England

Lori is an inspirational teacher. I had my first yoga session with her twelve years ago when I lived in Spain… Lori’s expert guidance opened my body, mind and soul to yoga. Yoga quite simply changed my life. In 2005 I returned to live in England. I missed her yoga more than words could say. I have experienced yoga with many yoga teachers in different parts of the world but like a homing pigeon I always return to Lori. That is not to say that others are not as good, on the contrary – it is just to say that Lori is quite simply the best. You need look no further.

Natalia Belaish, Yoga Practitioner, Spain

Это одно из самых моих любимых мест для внутренней настройки! В силу того, что мне приходится много путешествовать, занималась я, лишь за последний месяц, в 3 разных студиях. Но уроки, которые преподает Лори – самые лучшие! Приходя в студию Radiant Yoga ты как будто приходишь к себе домой: все тебе рады, все улыбаются, пахнет благовониями, вкуснейший чай с медом. Но главное это уроки Лори (хозяйки студии). Она как солнце, попадая в ее свет становится тепло. Это совсем не похоже на тренировку как в других йога центрах, где я бывала. Наоборот весь урок ты находишься в единении с собой и все движения и асаны, которые ты выполняешь как будто идут из тебя, а не извне. Лори как будто чувствует своих учеников: где нужно остановится, где подышать, где сконцентрироваться, а где и расслабится. В начале или в конце урока всегда говорит пару мотивационных слов.

Radiant yoga is my favorite place for spiritual inspiration! Because I travel a lot, I attended 3 different yoga studios only in the last month. But the lessons taught by Lori were the best by far! When you come to the Radiant Yoga studio you feel at home: everybody is glad to see you, everyone is smiling, the studio smells of incenses and they serve you a very tasty tea with honey. But the best part about the whole radiant yoga experience is Lori’s classes. She is like the sun, shining her light onto you making you feel warm and harmonized. Training there isn’t like training in other yoga schools that I have been to. During the class you feel the union with the teacher, and all the movements and postures that you perform truly feel like they come from you.  Lori feels the class, she knows when it is a good moment to breathe, when is a good time to switch Asana, when to focus and when to relax. At the end of every session, you leave the class with positive thoughts after Lori gives you a 5 minute motivational speech at the end or sometimes at the beginning of the class.